VSAT Terminals

A VSAT is a Very Small Aperture Terminal. The outdoor unit consist of a
parabolic antenna with the LNB to receive and the BUC to transmit the
signal to the satellite in orbit. The LNB and BUC are connected with coaxial cable
to the indoor unit, the satellite modem and which is connecting to the server or the network.

VSAT terminals are available for C- and Ku band and the modem needs to
correspond to the different modulations of varying services from the satellite operators.

        Bandwidth can be subscribed in the following main categories:

        Shared Bandwidth is shared by a larger number of users. It presents a good value for money. It is particular suitable for offices, but not for heavy users such as cyber café’s.

        CIR (Committed Information Rate) is a shared bandwidth with a lower contention and should provide the promised data speed. However, the subscription rates are varying within a wide range, same as the quality.

        Dedicated Bandwidth should provide the promised data rate to the user. It used to be a managed bandwidth in order to reduce subscription rates. With this it will allocate any unused bandwidth from one site to another in need of it. This allows to over subscribe available bandwidth and explains why the bandwidth may drop during hours of peak time.


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