A Computer network composed of multiple connected users over wired or wireless media. Local Area Networks (LAN) are covering small areas like a home or office. Wired LAN's are most commonly based on Ethernet technology whereas access points and routers are used for wireless distribution. WiFi testified equipment is user friendly but normally not suitable to cover larger geographic areas and high data volume. For this highly professional products, such as Mikrotik, are available.

          These radios are having much higher security and QoS settings combined with firewall and secured tunnels, based on various levels of software solutions. The function, traffic data and signal quality of each radio can be remotely accessed from any point of the network for web administration and with telnet or MAC-telnet remote access and remote configuration is possible too.


Commonly used wireless links are:

Point to Point:
covering a distance of up to 50 km with highly directional antennas.

for up to 100 clients are normally connected with a high gain omni directional antenna.

Others are:
Backbone AP and Nstream for high speed or WDS for roaming..

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