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A long story of hope and disillusions...

Comden began experimenting with the production of satellite dishes in Nigeria in early 1992.
Initially, do to the difficult or sometimes even hostile production environment we were in, the results from our first satellite antennas were inadequate and could only be used for a fixed C-band reception to Arabsat 1C Saudi TV and CFI.
Since our primary intentions were however to build a satellite dish for the foreign community in Nigeria to receive some English, Italian, French and German channels via ASTRA, we decided to import several antennas from Germany, to find out if there was any possibility in Nigeria to receive any of these programs.

Digital Free TV
in Nigeria?

The signal for receiving digital satellite TV from ASTRA and HOTBIRD in Nigeria is too low .
Special tests with our best precision 5.3 m dish at our location in the North of Nigeria have shown, that we could only receive programs in best weather conditions between 2:00 an 4:00 in the afternoon.

Sat Dishes Erde


Shortly after receiving the models of the 2.4 m and 3.0 m dishes from overseas, the transmission frequencies from ASTRA experienced some changes and the signal was at that point too low.

We made up our minds not to give up and started constructing a mould, which was exactly calculated to have a tolerance of only 1 mm maximum from the designed shape. To make sure to find a solution to build a good performing dish we decided to enlarge our 3.0 m professional antenna to a 3.7 m diameter for testing. Shortly after our first positive results, "Alpha Vision Ku 370" was born and the European community was finally receiving programs such as Sky News, Sky One, EuroSport, CNN, RAI channels, N3, DSF, NTV and 3sat.
We continued by refining the skills of our employees and began the professional production of a range of precision satellite antennas. With our latest model we can receive
ASTRA 1A, 1B and 1C.

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