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This Electronic Programming Guide is a software that enables viewers to navigate easily amongst the large number of channels provided by digital technology in order to select the service they desire. This On-Screen TV Guide contains information about the current programs as well as with a C-band transmission information for the next week.


DStv represents the next generation of entertainment for people who
enjoy quality, variety and choice. Armed with a choice of modern decoders will make your viewing pleasure even easier with the amazing world of interactivity.

There are various decoders available which have similar features and different capabilities, for instance the Dual view decoder. The introduction of PVR - a Personal Video Recorder and decoder in one - from MultiChoice Africa is set to revolutionize your TV entertainment. Finally you do not have to adjust your lifestyle to the TV schedule and you can take control of television, making technology work for you.

Some of these DStv PVR decoders incredible features are:

  • Records 80 hours of TV programs
  • Pause live Television programming
  • Watch two channels and record a third channel at the same time
  • Rewind live programming – Time swap function
  • Stylish and compact design with ergonomic remote control
  • Digital video and audio quality with noise-free reception
  • Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) / Parental control
  • Over-the-air software upgrades
  • Easy-to-follow on-screen menus for more advanced features
  • Skip and sort facility to group favorite channels
  • All those gadgets that you are used to from your DVD recorder :- )

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Amazing World of Interactivity

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