A word on our professional free installation

Every DStv system we sell includes FREE professional installation within Kaduna metropolitan. After scheduling a time for an installation, we will transport the system to your home and activate your programming.

Comden employees are equipped with an on-screen satellite locator as well as a signal strength meter, which simplifies the dish positioning process.

This professional installation can therefore minimize maintenance and eliminate the need for satellite tuning and repositioning.

Comden is an Authorized Multichoice DStv Distributor


Comdens DStv Packages

Our DStv digital satellite TV packages contain all of the necessary reception components: A Multichoice Digital Satellite Receiver (DSD) and the corresponding SmartCard, a satellite off-set dish in polyester-coated and zinc plated steel, fitted with a feed horn and a LNBF, wall-mount and bracket, 20 m of coaxial cable. All elements are of best quality and perfectly coordinated to one another.



Multiple Viewing

One option for “Multiple Viewing” is to install what we call “extra viewing points”. This means that you have an additional cable run from the DSD receiver to each additional TV. There are no extra charges incurred from Multichoice by doing so, but you are limited to watching the same program on all the televisions connected in this way!

Comden is charging you a fee of 2000 to 3000 Naira to install these additional viewing points.

The other way is to purchase a satellite dish with two receiver connections (a dual LNB system), and also purchase a second receiver and a second smart card plus the subscription fee. Now you can watch different programs on televisions connected to different receivers


Price in NGN

DStv Standart Ku-Band Package


DStv Dual View Decoder (complete)


DStv Dual View Decoder + Smart Card


DStv PVR Decoder (complete)


DStv PVR Decoder (S/Card & LNB)




Additional Offers


Additional Viewing Point

2000 - 3000

Electronic Repair

2000 - 6000

Service Agreement

5000 - 7000

Relocation of DStv

2000 - 4000

Service + Transport Charge Special

2000 - 5000


2000 - 5000



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