Professional Satellite Antennas

Depending on the picture quality you desire, the kind of transmission you try to receive and the signal strength in your area, a different kind and size of dish is required.

For that reason Comden has a wide range of precision satellite antennas, varying from 1.8 m, 2.0 m, 2.4 m, 3.0 m, 3.8 m 4.2 m, 4.5, to 5.3 m in diameter in size.
The materials we use are mainly steel with a special corrosion-proof and for the smaller dishes a perforated aluminum construction, both with a lining made from galvanized zinc. In addition we also have professional fiber glass dishes in white in our program.

Comden only uses the best quality of receivers, LNBs and Accesories.
Among the brands we normally employ are Nokia D-Box and Mediamaster, TechniSat CAM1, Humax F1 and California Amplifier. 

At this point we could give you so much more technical information on LNBs, feeds, positioners, etc., but instead we will just give the e-mail address of our engineering team! If you have any questions or require any detailed information, please contact us!


    The satellite equipment supplied for Deutsche Welle included the following components:

  • IRD MPEG-2 receiver
    Nokia D-Box, Media Master 9200 S, 9500 and 9600, a  TechniSat CAM1 or a Humax F1 digital receiver -
  • special version for tuning
    and storing of DW TV
    and radio programs
  • Samlex Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Sollatek VAS – Automatic Voltage Switcher
  • Surge Protection
  • For a centralised (cabel network) satellite viewing systen we have used the Manhattan LT 6200 SMATV with build-in 6 nos. LT satellite receiver and modulators, regulated input power regulation, low treshold SMATV system in industrial 12" metal rack.





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Precision Sat
Antenna 5,3 m diam.
tolerances to designed shape 1,0 mm max. F/D ratio 0,38 additional supporting brackets and lattice reinforcement. Gardiner LNB 17°K with direct feed, scalaring and dielectric plate for (RHCP) circular polarisation, incl. cable for 2 IRD receiver


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