The “Wireless Information Society”
is evolving towards new horizons



In is a fact, that a totally new technological and mobile world is emerging and it is evolving at an incredible speed.
After the exceptional revolution in the accessibility and growth in the penetration of the internet, governments and
organizations all over the world have begun to make extensive use of the internet to distribute information about its
policies and agencies to the public.Future Notebook Vario

New markets like China and Latin America have been emerging, since the cost of PCs and internet access has been declining gradually. Formerly only know in the US, the so called flat-rates where users may be connected permanently without the need to worry about time-charges will ensue the next step towards transforming patterns of usage. The internet is being integrated into lifestyle so that it becomes ubiquitous particularly with mobile reception. The arrival of broadband will continue the astonishing development of the internet. A wide range of services will soon become available as wireless networks converge with the Internet and broadcasting services.
Mobile Internet is about to enhance our daily lives in lots of ways. Changing the way we keep in touch; the way we access news, information and entertainment; the way we shop, pay for things and manage our finances. All while we are on the move…. . 

And this is just the beginning. As the Mobile Internet continues to evolve, the ways in which it can change our lives continue to grow...

Comden is aiming to use these sites to facilitate your understanding of the new mobile world more fully. In the meantime, please visit CBit to see for yourself how the new world is already beginning to take shape.

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